B- STOCK Flexplate Smooth + Structured Double Sided PEI Black

B- STOCK Flexplate Smooth + Structured Double Sided PEI Black

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Alchemy3d Flexplate (B-STOCK Double Sided)

This flexplate is powder coated on one side and has a sheet of smooth black PEI (Mitsubishi) on the other. The smooth side has the wrong adhesive used and might be unusable. The smooth side is not covered by warranty and might need to be pulled off.

We only recommend use of the structured side.

Prices are adjusted accordingly.

What to expect

  • Good adhesion with ABS, ASA and PA
  • Probably good adhesion with plenty other filaments
  • Fine grained structure on the powder coated side
  • 0.5mm spring steel sheet - no more bending off the magnet

How to use

  • Slap on your print bed, preferably with magnet - or use clips if that is your thing
  • Print away!
  • Use (non moisturizing) dish washing detergent to clean, rinse properly with water
  • Can wipe with IPA but not with acetone!
  • Give a light scrub with scotch brite ("Küchenschwamm") or brass brush if adhesion gets worse
  • PETG can and likely will fuse with PEI. Use a separation layer to protect it!


Picture shows 125mm variant, bigger versions due to limited size fotobox not pictured.

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