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Flexplate Satin Double Sided

Flexplate Satin Double Sided

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Alchemy3d Flexplate (Satin)

Sick of your prints blinding you when looking at the underside?

Don't like printing on sandpaper?

We got the solution for you!

This flexplate is coated with a "satin" structure on both sides.
The texture is very fine grain (see pictures) compared to our structured sheets but is not smooth as a glass plate. Creates a nice matte finish on the print underside without hurting dimensional accuracy too much.

Migos favourite!

What to expect

  • Good adhesion with ABS, ASA and PA
  • Probably good adhesion with plenty other filaments
  • Very fine grained structure on both sides
  • 0.5mm spring steel sheet - no more bending off the magnet

How to use

  • Slap on your print bed, preferably with magnet - or use clips if that is your thing
  • Print away!
  • Use (non moisturizing) dish washing detergent to clean, rinse properly with water
  • Can wipe with IPA but not with acetone!
  • Careful with PETG and some PC blends, adhesion might be permanent, please use a separation layer like our Bed Adhesive!


  • Picture shows a single variant, other versions not pictured.
  • Cannot guarantee perfect adhesion with all materials
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