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Voron Design PCB Ruler

Voron Design PCB Ruler

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Voron Design PCB Ruler

This is a PCB. It's also a ruler. It's kinda both but it's in our eyes definitely pretty.
The ruler is made as a standard PCB, contacts are gold plated, black solder mask. It contains a ton of neat little helpers which you might or might not find helpful.

What to expect of this?

  • A ruler
  • 30+ centimeters
  • A few nice helpers like wire thickness, screw size and pi pinout
  • Black solder mask and gold contact surfaces for a nice and premium look

How to use?

  • I really hope we don´t need to explain this
  • Do not use to slap people, it hurts!

Safety instructions

  • Prevent breakage, PCB can snap pretty violently!
  • Don´t eat, smoke or consume in any other way


  • Sources created by hartk, licensed under GPL v3, found here: Github
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