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Aluminium Heatset Inserts

Aluminium Heatset Inserts

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Aluminium Heatinserts (M3, Voron size)

Voron sized heat inserts made from aluminium.

What to expect of this?

  • Heat inserts in typical Voron size
  • Made from aluminium
  • Extra light, save the last few grams!
  • M3 x 5mm outer diameter and 4mm length

How to use?

  • Use a soldering iron to heat them up and press them into the premade holes
  • About 280°C should work like a charm
  • 4.5mm in ABS holes work well for us
  • Takes a bit longer to melt into plastic than typical brass inserts

Safety instructions

  • Don't burn yourself! Soldering irons are no toys.
  • Keep away from children, choking hazard!
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