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Gates GT2 EPDM High Temp Belts

Gates GT2 EPDM High Temp Belts

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Gates GT2 EPDM High Temp Belts

These are GT2 belts from Gates  made with high temp rubber to be used in your everyday printer or any oven-style printer.

Please be aware that use in a real oven meant for food is not advised!

What to expect of this?

  • GT2 style belts
  • Sold in steps of 1m, buy multiple to get one single longer belt
  • Rated temp of -45°C to 135°C
  • Cut on request and thus not returnable!

How to use?

  • Please refer to your devices manual for usage.

Safety instructions

  • Long belts might pose a danger of strangling, keep away from children!
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