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Nevermore Activated Carbon

Nevermore Activated Carbon

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Nevermore Activated Carbon

Tired of your room smelling like burnt LEGO pieces?
Maybe you just don't like the fumes of ABS in the evening?

Activated carbon filters are the solution for you!
The Nevermore Activated Carbon Filters or "The Filter" are self built filter devices that utilize activated carbon to recycle the smelly air within your 3d printer. The carbon takes up most of the smelling and potentially unpleasant or dangerous compounds from the air. The Nevermore Activated Carbon is a specially sourced activated carbon that is free of acid and has a very high porosity for increased efficiency and lifetime, bringing your filter game to the next level!

What to expect of this?

  • Specs as per manufacturer:
    • CTC(wt.%): 80
    • Surface area(m2/g): 1250
    • Density: 420g/L
    • Ball pan hardness: >98
    • Benzene adsorption(wt.%): up to 48
  • Higher adsorption than run of the mill carbon
  • No acidity that corrodes your screws and other metal parts

How to use?

  • Fill your filter as per device instructions
  • Refill every 30 days or 50 print hours for maximum performance

Safety instructions

  • Does not guarantee a 100% removal of fumes and particles!
  • Keep away from children, consists of small parts!
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