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PT1000 Temperature Probe

PT1000 Temperature Probe

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PT1000 Temperature Probe

Platinum based positive temperature coefficient sensor for V6 style hotends.
Useful for measuring the temperature in most cavities of at least 3mm diameter or open spaces.

What to expect of this?

  • PT1000 PTC Sensor
  • 3mm diameter
  • 15mm length
  • Fairly repeatable results (better than NTC100k)
  • Usable at up to 400C (likely even more)
  • 2 wires, no more, no less

How to use?

  • Follow hotend assembly instructions
  • For Klipper see the config reference
  • Other systems might need other configuration to work.
  • Use at least 0.1% tolerance pull up on your mainboard for best results

Safety instructions

  • Small parts. Keep away from children!
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