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Alchemy3d Aurum ABSpro - Glittering ABS Filament

Alchemy3d Aurum ABSpro - Glittering ABS Filament

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Alchemy3d Aurum ABSpro

This is not your everyday filament!
We've worked hard to combine standard filaments with alchemy in order to create something truly golden. The results are not gold, but they surely are as shiny!

This filament contains fine specs of glitter in there to give your prints the certain extra!

What to expect of this?

  • ABSpro with good layer adhesion (no, it's not the same as a certain "standard ABS+")
  • Pretty low warping (no, it's not "warp free!!!!!!!!", it's still ABS...)
  • Very pretty surface finish (it's slightly shiny, with plenty sparkles!)
  • Less wobbly than common ABS+

How to print?

  • Preferably enclosed or at least shielded from drafts
  • 235 - 255°C Nozzle (We use 245 - 255°C)
  • 80 - 100°C Bed
  • Whatever cooling and retract work with your other ABS+ filaments

It's fairly hassle free in our experience!

2kg+1kg Bundle

  • Get 3kg of filament and slash 25% off the last one!
  • Discount will be added to cart automatically
  • Only one bundle per order
  • Not combinable with other discounts 

Safety instructions

  • ABS releases fumes when printing, including Styrene
  • Use in well ventilated areas, don't breathe in fumes
  • Keep away from children
  • Cardboard spools assembled with heat sensitive glue, stay below 55°C when drying
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