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Flexplate Single Sided FR4

Flexplate Single Sided FR4

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Alchemy3d Flexplate (FR4)

This flexplate has a sheet of black FR (0.5mm) on one side.

What to expect

  • Good adhesion with ABS, ASA
  • Probably good adhesion with plenty other filaments
  • Sweet black FR4 with semi smooth finish!
  • 0.5mm spring steel sheet - no more bending off the magnet

How to use

  • Slap on your print bed, preferably with magnet - or use clips if that is your thing
  • Print away!
  • Might need 5-10C higher bed temps!
  • Use dish washing detergent to clean, rinse properly with water
  • Can wipe with IPA
  • Sand off if surface is lightly damage (USE RESPIRATOR!)

But... I'm in the UK!

Fret not my british friend!
You can still have a look over at 3dimensionally.
Be aware that the prices might be a bit higher, but with shipping and taxes we could probably not reach this price.


Picture shows 125mm variant, bigger versions due to limited size fotobox not pictured.

The new batches of plates come with Lohmann glue, this glue withstands significantly higher temperatures but there might be residue on the edges from cutting the excessive PEI.

Do not pull that adhesive, it acts like a pull tab and will just pull more glue.

Instead try cutting it with a knife of just leave it, it's not an issue for use.

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