Springsteel Flexplate (bare)

Springsteel Flexplate (bare)

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Springsteel Flexplate (bare)

This is a 0.5mm springsteel sheet for 3d printers.

You need to bring your own sticky surface unless you want to print on bare steel.

What to expect

  • 0.5mm
  • Made from steel
  • Kinda what you expect from a piece of steel

How to use

  • Unpack
  • Put in your galery to look at
  • Maybe put something on it (like PEI, FR4, etc)
  • Can also print directly on it, supposedly works well for TPU

Safety instructions

  • Not a frisbee! Risk of serious injury and / or decapitation!
  • Please handle responsibly
  • Melts at about 1500°C
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