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12V Step Down Converter

12V Step Down Converter

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Mornsun Step Down Converter (K78L12-500R3)

A tiny step down converter to reduce any voltage of up to 36V down to 12V.
This way you can use 12V fans on your 24V CAN toolhead.

What to expect of this?

  • Reduces the Voltage from 15-36V to 12V
  • Up to 500mA (it's not for your hotend!)
  • Tiny formfactor, don't clutter your toolhead!
  • High efficiency!

How to use?

  • See the specification sheet here: Click
  • Replimat has a great visual help for connecting these
    Check it out here: Click

Safety instructions

  • Stay within specification and don't overload!
  • Tiny parts, keep away from children!
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