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Daylight on a Stick

Daylight on a Stick

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Daylight on a Stick

Does your mom tell you to catch some sun instead of staying inside all day?
Do you always need to get a flashlight to see your prints?
Maybe you just want to go to a rave party and need some glowsticks?
We got you covered!

What to expect?

  • Daylight on a Stick in 3 different sizes depending on your choice!
  • High CRI (90+) CreeLEDs
  • Neutral White (4000K) color temperature
  • Incredibly bright and efficient, bring sunglasses!
  • Easy to install (see links below)

  • XXL: 370mm x 11mm, 30 LEDs
  • Daylight: 270mm x 11mm, 18 LEDs
  • Matchstick: 158mm x 11mm, 12 LEDs

How to use?

Safety instructions

  • 24V, please don't run 48V through
  • Might light up at 12V, but why would you do that?
  • Don't look directly into them, they are powered by tiny suns (or similar)


  • Again, please check the Github page, this was originally created by the Voron team! Thanks!
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