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Fuchs Lagermeister BF2 Grease 5g Syringe

Fuchs Lagermeister BF2 Grease 5g Syringe

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Fuchs Lagermeister BF2 Grease 5g in Syringe

This is some high end machinery lube to get all your rails go smoothly. Reduces wear on all machinery parts and is often recommended by the Voron community.

Comes with 2 tips of different thicknesses.

What to expect of this?

  • High quality lubrication for machinery parts by Fuchs
  • 5g in handy syringe with 2 blunt needle tips (1.17mm and 0.88mm)
  • Reduces wear and noise of machinery parts

How to use?

  • Add the tip and squeeze the syringe plunger to dispense lube
  • Works with all metal on metal parts

Safety instructions

  • Don't eat
  • Keep away from children
  • Check here for more information: Fuchs Website
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