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24V 50W Heater

24V 50W Heater

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24V 50W Heater

A fairly standard 50W heater cartridge, fitting for most hotends (V6 style).
Helpful if your hotend isn't hot enough, plastic tends to flow better when molten.

What to expect of this?

  • Standard Heater cartridge
  • 50W at 24V (12.5W at 12V, 200W at 48V - don't do this!)
  • 6mm outer diameter
  • 20mm length
  • Strain relief
  • Glass silk wrapped wires

How to use?

  • Follow your hotend instructions on assembly

Safety instructions

  • This is an electric heating element. Please use with extreme caution!
  • Never leave unattended!
  • Only for used by qualified personell, we cannot guarantee your safety if you don't know what you're doing!
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