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Voron V2.4 NEMA17 AWD Mod by aTinyShellScript

Voron V2.4 NEMA17 AWD Mod by aTinyShellScript

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Voron V2.4 NEMA17 AWD Mod by aTinyShellScript

This is a set of lasercut parts for the V2.4 AWD Mod (using NEMA17) motors by aTinyShellScript. It allows you to add 2 extra motors to the front of the gantry and thus gives you a ton of extra headroom on torque, acceleration and speed!

What to expect of this?

  • Add 2 beefy NEMA17 motors to your gantry for a total of 4!
  • Aluminium laser cut parts add stiffness
  • Sweet black anodization!
  • Topped up with printed parts for belt clamping, allowing for color customization
  • Double the motors, double the vrooom!
  • Includes all laser cut parts for AB mounts front and back

How to use?

  • Follow the instructions on
  • Needs printed parts for full functionality, see documentation
  • Go fast!
  • Might need a little sanding on interfacing parts (tensioner plates). The parts to sand are not visible when mounted.
  • (Can also only use the AB mounts with normal idlers for 2WD)

Safety instructions

  • It's aluminium, I think you're safe unless you like to throw things around


Original creator is aTinyShellScript, please check the repo here: Click
Also check his Github Account here: Click

You can also find him on the VoronDesign Discord

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